Psychology of Design (PoD) Laboratory

Research Participation

Our lab provides hands-on opportunities for undergraduates to become familiar with how research is conducted. Because you are a student in enrolled in Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 201S), Lifespan Development (203S), Honors Introduction to Psychology (226), or Honors Lifespan Development (227) at ODU, you have the opportunity to be a participant in real research studies.

All studies are reviewed and approved in advance by the ODU Institutional Review Board. When you arrive at each study, that study will be explained to you by a researcher and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about participation.

Log-On to the Experiment Management System
You are encouraged to check the research study availability often. Each study is briefly described on-line.

Finding Our Lab:

We are located in Mills Godwin 331 (see ODU Campus Map).

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